Extend the Life of Your Car

Here are some great tips to make your car last longer:

1. Invest wisely. Knowing as much as possible about the car before buying will save you time and money in the long run.

2. Follow the scheduled service plan for the vehicle to keep regular maintenance up to date. Keeping up with this schedule is also necessary for some warranties.

3. Always keep up with routine maintenance; check tire pressure and fluid levels in addition to the condition of belts and hoses to make sure that nothing requires attention between scheduled maintenance.

4. Lubrication is possibly the most important variable in vehicular lifespan. Obviously changing oil is a must, but you must pay attention to the type of oil required by the vehicle. Depending on the car and driving conditions, upgrading to a higher quality lubricant may be helpful.

5. Proper filter maintenance can also extend and enhance performance; air filters and oil filters are another area where a little time and money can go a long way.

6. Investing in higher octane fuel is great for more expensive vehicles that achieve better performance. By using the type of fuel these cars need and by regularly using the same brand of fuel can also reduce the chances of engine buildup.

7. To help the engine get a few more miles, take it easy at ignition since this gives the lubricant time to circulate and time for the engine to warm up. Keep the RPM as low as possible for 20 or 30 seconds before revving the engine to its max.

8. The exterior of a car is its first line of protection from the elements. Regular cleaning prevents corrosion, and helps out with keeping the car looking and feeling as new as possible.

9. Pay attention to the overall performance of the car. Noticing problems as soon as possible always prevents major issues.

10. Take care of your car when driving it. Driving judiciously increases performance, efficiency, and the overall longevity of any car.

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